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A Step Ahead

All about Stamp Duty and Other Government Charges on Property Purchase

Read this article if you want to learn about calculating Stamp Duty and other Government Charges in New South Wales. Standard Rates of NSW Stamp Duty (Transfer Duty) Stamp Duty really is just a tax we pay for nothing much in return. HERE’S HOW TO CALCULATE THE NSW STAMP DUTY: Your Purchase Price Rate of NSW…
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What types of property are best for investment?

There are many things to consider when purchasing an investment property. Choosing a location, determining rent and knowing how many times you can drop “my portfolio” casually into conversation without sounding like a banker. However there are risks involved – and not every property continues to increase in value. But by making well-informed decisions about the…
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Living Expenses Calculator

Will your home loan get knocked back for one off expenses? Why do banks care about my living expenses? When banks assess your ability to borrow, one of the major factors they assess is your spending compared to income. Your living expenses are a good indication of your character as a potential borrower. Specifically, banks…
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Ready to buy property off the plan? Read this first

Buying property off the plan is exciting as it means you get to own a brand-new home, but make sure you know what’s involved. Start by asking these five questions: 1. Do you know the risks? When buying an apartment, unit or house off the plan, you’re purchasing a promise. You can’t step into the…
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